Sharon Olson

Sharon is very happy to be a part of the Bumblebee team! When she was very young, she wanted to be a teacher. After working as an Interior Design for 5 years, her heart felt ready for a change. Sharon was inspired to go back to school and attended Saddleback College to continue her coursework in Child Development. She began working in a Montessori preschool as an after-school day care teacher. She was then asked to join a pre-primary classroom as an assistant teacher. She was privileged to work with a wonderful teacher who was also a Montessori Trainer.

While working at the Montessori, Sharon got married and had a son. Nine years after she began teaching toddlers, she and her husband were blessed to adopt a baby girl. When she returned to teaching 18 months later, she felt fortunate to be able to bring her daughter with her. Sadly, she and her children experienced the tragic loss of her husband while her children were still young. Since then, Sharon decided to obtain her Montessori teaching credential and has now been teaching in the world of Montessori for over 23 years. She appreciates the Montessori Method; it has been a source of tremendous joy for her all of these years.

Sharon is excited to now be a part of the Mission Viejo Montessori family. Her son is now in college and her daughter is in elementary school. When she is not teaching, Sharon and her family enjoy traveling, being outdoors, reading, and playing with their dogs.