Linda Fritz

To Linda, teaching isn’t simply a job; it’s a mission. She is passionate about working with young children and watching them develop into independent learners with a lifelong love of learning. Her education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, a Master’s Degree in Education, 36 Early Childhood Education units, and lots of life experience through raising her daughter. Linda also holds a CA Multiple Subject Credential and a CLAD certificate. Having taught both elementary school and preschool, she has over 15 years of teaching experience.

She has spent the last eight years teaching Montessori preschool children, ages 2 to 6. The preschool-kindergarten years, filled with wonder and magic, have become a favorite of hers! Linda enjoys being part of the incredible growth that happens every day at the Montessori. She looks forward to getting to know you and helping your children develop that amazing potential within each one of them.